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Potential 500% increase in income and productivity

Our personal assistants expediently perform over 80% of the real estate tasks that are necessary for each transaction, allowing our Real Estate Consultant the ability to work with at least 5 times more clients in the same amount of time.  Given their many years of experience, professionalism, and expertise, our team can perform these tasks in a fast, precise, and efficient manner.

Showing coordination and preparation of PDF presentations for Buyers:

The agent only has to provide the list of addresses and our support team will program the most efficient geographic route, while taking into account the commute time and time per showing for each property, our team will proceed to coordinate, schedule and confirm with each listing agent. Subsequently they will prepare and send a PDF showing presentation with a section for the clients and another one for the real estate consultant, including the details and showing instructions for each property.

Transaction coordination from contract to close of all parties and vendors:

>> Click here to view the steps performed by our team from contract to closing.

Concierge service and handling of special customer requests:

During the sale or purchase process of their home, our clients often need help with miscellaneous items, these may range from follow up with specific vendors, finding tradespeople or finding out the location of specialty stores, restaurants, clubs, coaching for their children, etc. Our assistants may act as our client’s concierge to assist them during their relocation journey.

Research of prospect contact information.

To assist with the conversion process, our support team have access to specialized investigative software that might provide our agents with additional, public demographic information (address, secondary e-mails, and phone numbers), properties owned, profession, etc…

Listing generated leads assignment.

Each incoming call to the office for a specific listing is scrutinized by our support team and always assigned to the agent that generated said listing. If the agent cannot or does not wish to work with this lead, it is then assigned to another available agent.  Once there is a closing, a portion of the commission is paid to the agent who owned the listing.

Agent’s clients e-mail support and access.

Our support team alerts the agent to any new leads or client issues. They also can assist with transferring calls when the agent is traveling domestically or internationally.

Completion of BMAs for relocation.

Our assistants help the agents with filing of the Broker Market Analysis and coordinate the meeting with the transferee. They also ensure the completeness of forms and manage the submission to the RMC.

Preparation of listing documents.

Before any listing appointment, our team will prepare all the required documentation and send them via PDF to the agent. This includes the Listing contract, Seller’s property disclosures or Vacant lot disclosure, HOA disclosures or Condo disclosures, CDD disclosures, Net Sheet and MLS profile sheet.

Assistance during the listing process:

>> Click here to view the tasks performed by our team for every listing.

Filing of transactions in paperless system.

All documents related to a specific transaction are filed in our electronic storage system. The team is always available to assist the agent and the client to retrieve and send any required documentation before or after a closing has happened.

On-demand training on use of systems and company processes:

Our support team is always available to answer any questions regarding the use of any of the systems available to the agent: MLS system, CRM system, Contract writing software, Public records and property information software. They will also provide training related to the contract and listing processes.

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