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Area Tours and Destination Assistance

We have a comprehensive orientation program for the transferees and their families. Our first step is to provide relocating employees and candidates with a thorough presentation of the area. We then obtain the input from each family member. Based on each individual’s needs, priorities, preferences and lifestyle and under the direction of the transferee, decide the areas and communities that would best fulfill those needs. We design and conduct a customized tour of the area.

Our goal is that the transferee and his / her family falls in love with the selected location. This maximizes the probability that the employee or new hire accepts the corporation’s offer to relocate. We also provide transferees with all the relevant information and support to ensure that once the employees and their families move, they can quickly feel at home in their new location.

During the visit we provide them with a package of information including maps, brochures, overview of residential areas, MLS listings, rental information, area demographics, school information, shopping malls and supermarkets, emergency contact numbers, utilities & government services and transportation options. We also provide detailed information about the home purchase process in the state of Florida and include copies of the real estate contract and sample disclosures.

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