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Home Purchase Assistance

Our agents are skilled at explaining the Florida real estate market and legal housing practices. We provide Buyers with comprehensive information addressing the interests of each family member – e.g., public and private schools, crime rates, commute times, sports and entertainment options. We equip Buyers with information on the different communities which best fit their lifestyle and budget, explain factors to take into consideration such as CDD and HOA fees, distressed properties (short sales, & foreclosures), taxes, inspections, financing, surveying, assessments and closing options. We expose our clients to the entire market including MLS listings and For Sale by Owner.

Once a client has found a property of interest, we prepare an analysis to determine its fair market price, based on similar properties recently sold and competing properties currently available in the market. We will then assist in the negotiation to obtain the best contract terms. Once the property is under contract we coordinate with all the different service providers including Title Company, Attorney, Inspectors, Lender, Surveyors, Contractors, etc. every step of the way.

We also keep the RMC and/or corporation constantly informed via e-mails, copies of documents and periodic communication update forms. Our relocation department is actively involved in the process, follows up, informs and supports the transferees, agents and RMC representatives throughout the transaction. When necessary, a back-up agent is assigned in case of emergency. We offer after-hours communications and quick response times.

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