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Marie Semanaz

Marie Semanaz
After living with her husband and kids in several cities throughout the country, following her husband’s corporate career for a period of 17 years, Marie Semanaz relocated to Florida in 2009. Marie’s expertise in real estate is due in part to her own relocation experiences, in which finding the right community has always been of utmost importance to her family. Marie is parent to special needs children and finding the right school for them, and in the right neighborhood has always been paramount. Marie began working as a Realtor in 2012, she brings to her customers the deep understanding and awareness of the importance of moving to the right location when everything seems so new and unknown. Marie earned a degree in Education from Saint Louis University in 1992 and worked in that field for several years. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She finds Florida to be a fascinating multi-cultural and family friendly location to raise her children.
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