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Diana has lived in Tampa, Florida for 22 years with her husband and two children. Diana is a Real Estate Agent who works with passion and determination. She loves helping families buy and sell their homes, knowing that these transactions are one of the most important capital investments in people’s lives.

Diana earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Human Resources. After graduation, she worked for 16 years in Venezuela’s oil industry and became an Investment Project Senior Analyst. Later on, she and her husband moved to the US to pursue a graduate education and start a family. In order to raise her kids and accommodate for a working mom lifestyle, Diana made a career change and dedicated her work to public schools, providing support to students who spoke different languages in the classroom, helping them to achieve their academic goals. 

Now that her children are grown and have left for college, Diana is focused on applying her knowledge, experience, and vision to the Real Estate industry, counseling her clients through successful transactions.

Diana Viloria
Real Estate Consultant

License # SL3475610



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